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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Delores Patencio


original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Looking West: Delores Patencio
48 x 30
Mixed Media on Canvas

Final touches were applied to the painting this morning. It's coming off the easel this afternoon to be added to the other completed painting inspired by Delores Patencio, who is considered one of the finest basket weavers of the Cahuilla Indian Tribe.

Delores Patencio
12 x 12
Acrylic on Canvas

Looking West:  Delores Patencio
48 x 30
Mixed Media on Canvas

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Delores Patencio, Coachella Valley Basket Weaver.

She Is Nearing Completion

The other day I was working on painting in the 'pips' on the paddle cactus when my harshest critic entered the studio...."I love this" were the words that came bursting out of his mouth.  Then this followed, "but....if it was my painting, and I mean I am not an artist, and you are the artist....but if it was mine, I would....."  Yes, my harshest critic who sometimes gets thrown out of the studio.

The 'pips' begin to appear

As mentioned in a previous post, a comment can make the mental wheels turn, so even though this critic is sometimes ignored, this time I listened, or at least heard. Based on one comment I decided to add more color and contrast to the faces.

After additional color and contrast.

Now it's back to painting in the 'pips' and the painting gets closer and closer to completion.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Delores Patencio As Subject.

As mentioned in the previous post, the painting sitting on the easel has moved away from color field influence and back into the realm of my Indian Women Portrait series, but the color field work helped break through one of those artistic walls.  Last spring I quit working on my Indian Women Portrait series because I was stuck, or perceived so.  Color field painting opened a mental door, there was an 'ah ha' moment, and a canvas that was languishing in a corner found its way back onto the easel.  So did a few faces.

Images from research at the Agua Calliente Indian Museum as well as from the Palm Springs Art Museum and public on-line sources have driven me to incorporate the face of Delores Patencio onto this painting.  Living during the late 1800's and into the 1900's she became one of history's most accomplished and recognized basket weavers.  To read about her in a previous blog post click HERE

Because all photos of Patencio show her head wrapped in a scarf, I have chosen to repeat the head scarf in my painting. The photo shows her seated in front of a huge paddle cactus which found it's way onto the canvas as well.  If you are able to see some of the design elements on the baskets shown in the photo look for the triangular shapes, representing floral, which have also been used in my painting, not only on the head scarves but moving out onto the canvas to symbolize the thought and freedom of individual design that Patencio incorporated into her baskets.  These triangular shapes work their way over and under the cactus and other designs in the painting, much like the materials used to create a basket weave together. 

This painting has taken on a life of it's own, it is growing, changing, becoming more complex as it nears completion.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Color Field Painting....

Well Maybe....

The holidays took their toll....  not much studio time, but today is a different day.  Back to working on this canvas which originally was a color field inspired work, but the addition of form has taken it far afield....

This is Delores Patencio, famous basket weaver who lived and worked in the Coachella Valley in the early 20th century. This week is also the beginning of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and it is interesting that a photo of Delores Patencio is shown at the beginning of each feature as part of the sponsorship by the Agua Caliente Indians.

Check back and watch the progress on this painting and learn more about this woman, Delores Patencio.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Color Field With Form.

The Addition Of Form.

Detail of painting in progress.

Color Field painting does not have form, so I have deviated big time by adding the faces, the cactus, and now these triangular shaped elements which represent a floral design. Why these shapes?  Delores Patencio, the face in the painting,  lived and worked in the Southern California Desert where these cactus grow, and she used shapes like these on many of her baskets.  This painting is all about Delores Patencio.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Color Field Inspiration And More.

This Is Where It Goes.

The other day a person who follows this blog asked me about the Indian Women series of paintings which I started over a year ago, wondering where I was with this project. The answer:  on hold.  Late last spring I stopped working on the portraits due to frustration with the most recent.  Do you remember the portraits?  

So just exactly what does this have to do with using Color Field painting as an inspiration?  The verbal comment and recent work with Color Field has helped me break through my frustration with the women.  I had a canvas that was partially painted, partially over-painted, and then left to simmer last Spring.  

I put this project aside after painting several faces on paper, very quickly, using a limited palette to get myself to loosen up, working towards a more contemporary look.  The canvas and these paper pieces were just sitting in my studio, bothering me.  I had thought about using all of these faces together on one canvas but had not quite worked out how I wanted to accomplish this.  But since I have been working with Color Field I could now see what I should do.  

More layers of paint, cutting and ripping the paper, adding three of the paper faces, and additional detail has brought me to this point.  

I am painting every day, so this is coming together fairly quickly.  The woman is Delores Patencio who was a well known Cahuilla Indian Woman from the Coachella Valley, and when the painting is complete I will give more information about her and her work, so check back.  Isn't it crazy to see where a simple project, such as exploring Color Field painting can go?

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Color Field Continued.

Another Deviation.

An artist's mind is a playful and crazy place.  It's always moving, in every direction, so it is not always easy to stay the course.  Something seen, a comment heard, a fleeting thought can take an artist to a new place.  Such it is with me and this Color Field painting series.  

Beginning of a Color Field inspired painting.

Wait until you see what is happening now, and with this particular canvas you see pictured here.  I'll get to it in my next post.  It's all inspiration.

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